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Are You At Risk For Tornadoes?

Most people don’t realize it, but more than half the country resides in a Zone III or higher tornado risk zone. Zone III indicates risks of 200mph winds or higher. Many are familiar with “Tornado Alley” and associate that with Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri, but not many know that the real risk for tornadoes stretches from the midwest to the plains and into the eastern states.

Tornado Risk Map

In Ground Storm Shelters Offer Maximum Protection

When tornadoes and severe weather strike, the rule of thumb is to get to 1) the lowest level of your home, 2) away from windows, 3) in an interior room. Unfortunately for millions of people, they don’t have a safe place to go. Many homes are built on a slab with no basement, and popular trends are to build homes with more open floor plans. Not having a basement or interior rooms leaves little in the way of safe places to during severe storms or tornadoes. That’s why we love our in-ground storm shelters. These shelters offer maximum protection and are easily accessible. Most units can be installed in one day in your garage, giving you peace of mind when the weather gets severe.

Recent News

Visiting Moore Oklahoma Tornado Path

After installing an in-ground tornado bunker with the Smart Shelter team in the morning, we took the short drive over to Moore, Oklahoma to survey the damage and the path of the tornado. Visiting the destruction in real life is much different than seeing it on the news or just seeing pictures of it. Seeing  Continue Reading »

Oklahoma City – Day Two – Large Tornado Bunker Installation

Day two in Oklahoma City with Smart Shelters was another good day. We started out at 5:45AM, loaded up the equipment and the units, and set out. We got started around 7:45 on the installation, but today was a little different than yesterday. Today we were installing the Jumbo Tornado Bunker Unit – the 5X8  Continue Reading »

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