The following table contains pricing information for Tornado Bunker’s in ground storm shelters. This pricing guide is for all customers in the southeast, excluding special circumstances such as rock below the foundation, travel needs, or other special accommodations.

The cost below is for the unit including the 16,000lbs escape jack and the “Tornado Preparation Kit”.

To place your order, we require 50% deposit on all bunkers. Shipping, labor, and installation are included in the unit price. The unit price includes 4 hours installation time. Additional charges may apply for poor clearance to the garage or install area, or rock below the foundation. Rock below the foundation must be removed before installation, and requires additional labor.

Bunker Size

Installed Price

Regular Flush Mount (3X6, 54″ Tall) $5,610.00
Large Flush Mount (3X8, 54″ Tall) $5,850.00
XL Flush Mount (4X8, 54″ Tall) $6,210.00
Jumbo Flush Mount (5X8, 54″ Tall) $6,450.00
“Anywhere Lid” ** $500.00
(The “Anywhere Lid” allows the unit to be installed just about anywhere, without the need for covering. )  

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  • The "Anywhere Lid" allows the bunker to be installed just about anywhere without the need for cover. The standard lid requires the cover of a carport or garage.
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    As the homeowner, you can request the building permit to install your Tornado Bunker. We advise the homeowner to do this so they can have an original copy. Once you have a permit to install your Tornado Bunker, you can take the permit and register your Tornado Bunker with local law enforcement and emergency services. In the event of a tornado, they will know you have a bunker in your home and will know to come and check on you.

    Be sure your garage is at least 3/4 cleared on the outside portion of the garage. We typically install the units on the side of the garage closest to the exterior walls. It helps to have a completely cleared out garage, but we understand that some items or fixtures can't be easily moved. The more clearance we have, the better.

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  • We will work with you to have your Tornado Bunker installed on a day that works for you. If for some reason we are unable to do meet your date due to shipping constraints or previous work scheduled, we will work with you to select a date as close to your choice dates as possible.

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