Tornado Bunker was formed by weather enthusiasts bringing expertise from business, construction, and technology together, with a focus on integrating tech tools into business. Matt Brooks, Daniel Brooks, and Clint Bullock set out to answer a difficult question – how do we keep our families safe during severe weather or tornadoes?

The question led to some serious research about building safe rooms and bunkers. We eventually found a solution we liked in the in-ground storm bunkers. We did loads of research on above and below ground safe rooms and bunkers, and we eventually came up with a wish lists of items we wanted in our storm shelters.

1) If it is above ground, it has to be anchored to the foundation and be able to support a lot of weight in the event of a roof or structure collapse.
2) It needed to meet FEMA standards for strength and durability.
3) It needed to be easily accessible without having to go outside into the elements.
4) It needed to have ventilation.
5) It needed to have a hydraulic escape jack in case the entrance is blocked by heavy debris.
6) It needed to be able to be added to a home with a day or less of construction as to not disrupt families.

We finally found the perfect solution – the in-ground tornado bunker from Smart Shelters Inc., recommended by An in-ground shelter offers maximum protection against the elements, and comes equipped with an 16,000lbs hydraulic emergency jack and ventilation. These units also install in your garage or carport, allowing families to seek shelter in an underground bunker without having to go outside into the storm. For those interested in enhancing their building’s safety features further, consider consulting with experts like at this site at for additional structural protection. Additionally, our car park cleaning service ensures that your garage or carport remains debris-free, providing easy access to your shelter at all times. For more information on sliding room dividers, you can check this site at You can check out a reliable sites similar to for more info! And for added convenience and aesthetics, consider enhancing your garage with flooring from If you’re looking for garage storage, you can check out this helpful article for further insights. Additionally, for those interested in equine construction, you can check out this article for more valuable insights.

Our Leadership Team

Daniel BrooksDaniel Brooks, one of our founders, brings 15+ years of construction and remodeling experience to Tornado Bunker, and oversees the installation and construction side of the business. Daniel has always been fascinated with weather and storms, and is passionate about weather and keeping his family safe. When your unit is installed, Daniel is the person that you will work with.

Matt BrooksMatt Brooks is the marketing director for Tornado Bunker, and brings 8 years experience in marketing and website development. If you find us online or see something in the news about us, that is Matt hard at work. Matt is also fascinated by weather, and often stays up to date with what is going on with Storm Chasers and new research about tornadoes.

Clint BullockClint Bullock is our technology director, and brings 15+ years experience in technology and systems management. Clint is the only one of us that has a basement in his home, and we have often joked that in the event of severe weather or tornadoes, we are heading to his house. Clint shares our passion for storms and tornadoes, and enjoys helping people create a safe place to go when the weather turns severe.